Hello, I'm Luiza!

Nice to meet you. I'm a designer from Brazil, currently studying at the University of Iowa.

You can scroll down to learn more about my interests. I'm currently developing the new version of my page and it should feature my graphic design work soon.

My interests

Human-Computer Interaction

The advancements in technology make me hopeful of creating a better world. I'm currently researching design methods for developing educational technologies for young children.

Graphic Design

Everything I do usually starts with a drawing on my sketchbook. Graphic Design has always been my passion and I'm interested in branding, editorial, typography and web design.


Good stories can stimulate imagination, motivate learning and spread knowledge. I'm passionate about books, illustration, interesting characters, and interactive stories.

Contact me

If you are interested in my research, you can reach me at

luiza-supertipantoja at uiowa dot edu.

You can also find me on the social networks below.

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