Mesmo Barco

I completed this project in partnership with Ludmila Araújo through our Home Studio initiative. The name of the brand in Portuguese (Mesmo Barco means “Same Boat”) hints to the idea that parents are all on the same boat when it comes to parenting because we are all navigating through uncharted waters. The client brief was to develop a brand that welcomes parents and their imperfections to communicate Positive Discipline quick tips and strategies in a fun, practical, and empathetic way.

We explored child-related ideas in our creative process to connect the difficulty alluded in the name of the brand with the colorful and ludic side of parenthood. The challenge we faced was to find a balance between designing a brand that was not too childish because it was meant for parents. We use an agile method that involves the client in different steps of the process.

Moodboard illustrating colorful concepts: optimism, fun, ludic, and dynamism.

Before generating our alternatives, we organized a Moodboard to illustrate different concepts we came up with. Our conceptual brainstorming included children’s educational toys like gears and tangram, we also explored nautical themes associated with the name of the brand, and a paint splash illustrating the messy part of being a parent. The selected concepts were optimism, fun, ludic, and dynamism, which are represented by the tangram pieces, bold colors and rounded typography..

Brandboard illustrating the fundamental elements of the brand to guide the client: basic signatures, main colors, typography, inspirations and one application in the form of a business card.

In this project, we designed different products such as business card, a chroma-key scenario for producing YouTube videos, and a website that can be seen in the video below.

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